When it comes to making our cakes, we combine traditional cake making and baking with some modern twists and a passion and enthusiasm we're proud of.  We just believe in baking fresh with the finest raw ingredients to get a truly tasty cake as a result.  We use British and free range ingredients whenever possible.

All our cakes are made fresh on site in our Eton Bakery and Cake shop.  For more information on how we decorate our cakes, read on here...Baking

Time for a brandy?

Our rich brandied fruit cakes is particularly special.  They are baked 3 months before they are required to give them time to mature to perfection, and are regularly 'fed' with brandy for that gorgeous rich flavour.

Special requests?

We can make pretty much any flavour or type of cake you'd like and we also try our best to cater for any special dietary requirements.  We do make gluten-free cakes but unfortunately not egg free.  Do contact us to discuss your personal cake requirements.
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